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  •  Look deeper (4.00)
    It's true insofar as the captions aren't fabricated. However, one photo the people saw a guy going in and taking food from a store, the other he saw people grab things floating in water and they were already carried outside the store. It's different.
    •  Question (4.00)
      If your dog walked out of your gate and I took him, wouldn't that still be theft?

      If they had adequate food drops or a Red Cross/FEMA/NG presence in the city earlier, maybe people wouldn't have resorted to "commandeering" their food.

      John Roberts- You can't book a judge by his cover.

      by digital drano on Wed Sep 07, 2005 at 07:43:02 AM PDT

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      •  Since animals can move on their own... (none)
        That's not exactly fair. If I threw a loaf of bread on the street and someone takes it for himself, is that theft? Not that I think anyone taking bread in New Orleans is thieving...

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