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  •  Thank you, Nader is not Green Party (4.00)
    The first comment tied the Greens to Nader just because he used them to his own ends in 2000.  Nader turned out to be all about Ralph, he could not see how badly his "there's no difference" line would come back to haunt him.  Too bad the scum Rehnquist was still alive to select the president in 2000.

    Rehnquist- the man responsible for the Bush disaster

    •  Not really Rehnquist (4.00)
      although he was an accessory before and after the fact.  The main criminals on the SCOTUS were two of the nominally moderate conservatives, Kennedy and O'Connor.  Kennedy because he agitated the justices so hard to hear the case, and both Kennedy and O'Connor because they tried to pretend that they were on the fence when they had both made their minds up to put Bush in office no matter what the legalities of the case.

      You know, fuck all that "accessory" shit.  All five are equally guilty, and all five should be fed to the crocodiles, one limb at a time.

      •  Rehnquist is worm food now (none)
        So that only leaves four to feed to the crocs.  I agree that O'Connor and Kennedy were particularly hypocritical, but the five supreme scums deserve equal treatment!

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