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  •  i suspect Nader was simply too specific (4.00)
    and i HATE that bu$h might have won as a result.  but Nader's right in the broader sense, that it's not just Repubs that whore our representation to the highest-bidders.  

    do you think it's simply for fun that 183,000 firms must register as lobbyists?!  and that's pretty much the extent of their restriction beyond filing requirements as to what body they lobbied.

    the obscenity of Halliburton getting the Katrina cleanup contract is unspeakable.  but it's only after $hrub stole the first election that HAL was able to cut their lobbying expenditures to a quarter of what they were, pre-2000, since the big Dick was part of the admin.

    i'm with Nader 100% when it comes to getting our leadership out of the pocket of big money:

    Who do lobbyists lobby?

    • U.S. House of Representatives - 17,300 companies

    • U.S. Senate - 17,200 companies

    • Dept. of Defense - 2,800 companies

    • Health & Human Services - 2,400 companies

    • Dept. of Commerce - 2,300 companies

    • Dept. of Treasury - 2,300 companies

    • Dept. of Transportation - 2,200 companies

    • Executive Office of the Pres. - 2,000 companies

    • White House Office - 1,900 companies

    • Dept. of Agriculture - 1,800 companies

    What are the top issues lobbied?

    • Federal budget and appropriations - 6,800 companies

    • Health issues - 4,100 companies

    • Defense - 3,700 companies

    • Taxation & Internal Revenue Code - 3,500 companies

    • Transportation - 3,300 companies

    Where does the money for lobbying come from?

    • companies (as clients);

    • member dues;

    • tax dollars;

    • and foreign governments.

    get the money out of our power!  it's the unfettered access of big money to power that likely explains why semi-privatized FEMA is so fucked up.

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