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  •  awesome compilation (4.00)
    Nice work Bill - you have a gift.

    Even my Kbunkport Republican boss is getting disgusted by what is happening. We've all been asking - what does it take to wake people up?  Unfortunately maybe it takes this.

    Watched Wide angle with Bill Moyers last night on Haiti. Absolute poverty and lack of infrastructure. Political and economic corruption is everywhere. Elections are always suspect and contested by the loser. The people are cut adrift in their land.

    look here -

    Here's a question for you - which is better - the corruption and incompetence we have in the US with the veneer of "orderliness" and normalcy - or full awareness of this corruption and active response?  I know this isn't the only difference between us and Haiti, but the question occurred to me.

    The thought has also occurrd to me that I am one very fortunate person with a life that most people would envy. And I'm thankful for that. Time to make a donation here -

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