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  •  Defusing "Blame Game" (none)
    I've had to come up with a retort on the fly to counteract this "blame game" bullshit, which is simply another variation on the "Support Our Troops" meme--i.e., the implicit assumption that there's something unpatriotic about criticizing our Commander in Chief in any way.

    CLUELESS DICKWAD: How dare you try to pin this on the President? What about the governor? The mayor? [etc.]

    SELF: You're right--everyone will have to take responsibiity for their actions, or inactions. But here's my concern. The governor of Louisiana is not my governor. The mayor of New Orleans is not my mayor. But the President of the United States IS my president. I have a very personal stake in knowing if he can come through in the crunch. Like you, I looked to Bush for leadership. But you have to admit, we got excuses, not action.

    In a nutshell--in simple, indisputable terms, here's the case against Bush:


    [repeat as necessary]

    "Mr. President, we're not asking you to take the blame. We're asking you to take the responsibility."

    by JasonRoberts on Thu Sep 08, 2005 at 10:04:11 AM PDT

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