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  •  "A Nation Preapred" FEMA (none)
    Don't know if anyone has linked ot this before but I see useful content for diffusing the notion that a mayor has the primary role in a disaster of this magnitude.


    Based upon their written plan, I don't think they did very well.


    "Goal 2. Minimize suffering and disruption caused by disasters.

    Photo: National Guard troops transferring water and ice from a truck to a helicopter.
    Caption: The National Guard, an important partner, delivers water to a disaster area. Coordinating the swift provision of vital assistance, including food, water, and medicine, is central to FEMA's mission.

    Disasters cause suffering and disrupt people's lives and the normal functioning of their communities. States, Territories, Tribal Nations, and local governments bear the primary responsibility for responding to and recovering from disasters. FEMA--at the direction of the President--takes action when State, Territorial, Tribal and local resources are overwhelmed and the Governor requests assistance.

    In concert with its partners, FEMA will respond quickly and effectively, bringing the right people and resources to bear where and when they are needed most. FEMA will provide timely and appropriate disaster assistance to hasten the recovery of individuals and communities while ensuring that efforts to prevent, avoid, and reduce the impacts of future disasters are an integral part of every recovery. Throughout, FEMA will continue its work with States and Territories to ensure the most effective sharing of disaster management responsibilities, allowing FEMA to focus on preparing the Nation for truly catastrophic events, whether natural or man-made."

    Didn't do so well on this one either:

    "Quick and Effective Response
    Objective 2.1
    Respond quickly and effectively when States, Territories, Tribal Nations, and local governments are overwhelmed.

    a. Establish FEMA's capability to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while maintaining key, ongoing functions.
    b. Monitor potential emergencies and disasters and be prepared to deploy assets to assure a quick response.
    c. Develop, acquire, and coordinate a national operational capability, and the resources and assets to simultaneously respond to four catastrophic plus twelve non-catastrophic incidents, anywhere in the country...."

    Anyway, back to work for me. We need an investigation and lets use every tool to get it-not for partisan advantage but because it's our damn government that's supposed ot protect us and it's all a great big glossy sham as evidenced by the linked document's PDF version.

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