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View Diary: FEMA's Brown padded resume: hardly a lawyer, either (226 comments)

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    Nominated by George W. Bush as the first Under Secretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response in January 2003, Michael D. Brown wields precisely the kind of distinguished campaign donation history and golf handicap that every President dreams of in a crackerjack disaster expert. As a longtime estates attorney for affluent suburbanites, Mr. Brown brings unparalleled expertise in the drafting of incontestable last wills and testaments.

    Furthermore, during his nine-year tenure at the International Arabian Horse Association, Under Secretary Brown strived tirelessly to occasionally nod or smile at minority stable cleaners, thereby accumulating a stunning degree of empathy for the challenges facing the downwardly immobile lazy folk who are most likely to bear the brunt of a major urban catastrophe. Under Secretary Brown is pleased to take YOUR questions about his ultra-competent and lightning-fast response to Hurricane Katrina - right here on ASK THE WHITE HOUSE!

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