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  •  know what you mean (none)
    I've got a smart dog.  He's so smart he doesn't eat anything that isn't food.  He's a mutt.  My co-worker had a purebred Doberman that had to be kept crated when no one was home because she'd eat things - like the washrag that caused a blockage severe enough to require emergency surgery.
    •  I can up that (none)
      My cat eats nothing other than catfood and the spring water out of tuna cans.  You can try to tempt her with a piece of cheese or cat treats and she won't touch them.  She's not a nip head either.  Doesn't matter which brand of long as it has a cat's face on the bag, she's content.  

      Something to be said for an animal that would eat a dishrag...dumb...bored...or both.

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