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View Diary: FEMA's Brown padded resume: hardly a lawyer, either (226 comments)

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  •  Qutoed accredidation stuff is misleading, etc (4.00)
    Many of the commenters clearly don't understand law school accredidation.  No law school needs AALS accredidation for anything.  What most law schools need is ABA accredidation.  That is what is generally needed to take the bar exam -- graduation form an ABA accredited.

    There are many reasons a law school, especially a primarily local law school, wouldn't seek AALS accredidation.  I don't know the details od OCU.

    And as for the quoted bloggers comments about students -- that struck me as so ludicrous I had a hard time taking anything else he wrote seriously -- his credibility was shot.

    I too am a law professor and I can tell you I have never seen any indication that any law student has ever had a clue that AALS existed, let alone that they accredited law schools or what that even meant.  Law students are very consscious of ABA accredidation since that is what lets them to take the bar.  Maybe some law students do look at AALS accredidation, but I've never come across them.  On the occasions when I have mentioned AALS in a conversation with law students -- none of them have ever even heard of it.  It's an organization for law professors, for academia.  An excellent organization mind you.  

    I hate to sound like I'm defending Brown.  I'm not.  He's a disaster.  But it certainly doesn't help us to be making crap arguments.  The Rovians will set up and knock down enough strawmen on their own.  We don't need to set any up for them.

    [snark] Apparently, Brown is a tirumph of Bush's Land of Opportunity for all.  You don't have to go to an elite law school to be an incompetent appointed Bush crony; you can go to blue collar local law school and still become an incompetent appointed Bush crony!  Hooray for America! Land of Opportunity![/snark]

    That being said -- the misrepresentation of his role an responsibilities with the city government should be shouted far and wide.

    •  Have to be careful with this kind of elitism (none)
      I suppose if you looked at my resume, a lot of people wouldn't have heard of my school either except locally -- even though it's approved by all the right people.  The decision to go there was a complex one and wasn't because it was my last resort.

      After I graduated, it was bought by a corporation who managed to completely tank the school and its reputation by slashing salaries to professors and the like.

      So my school really doesn't exist anymore.  At the time I got an amazing education by professors who were dedicated and in the field.  Most of my colleages are supremely competent.

      I had similar thoughts when I read that criticism.  It's not whether it's Yale or Harvard but what people do once they leave there (placement) that counts.

      I guess you could say that in a way placement as the head of FEMA makes that law school successful, no?  (Regardless of whether or not the guy belongs there, which he doesn't).

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