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View Diary: AP reports it: Gore airlifted 270 patients and residents Saturday/Sunday (200 comments)

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  •  What would have been, could have been (4.00)
    hate to do this,

    but I do think sometimes...

    If Gore had been President

    • would 9/11 have even happened?
    • if 9/11 had happened, would Gore have allowed Bin Laden and friends to slip away
    • would Gore have gotten us quagmired in Iraq?
    • would the nation have spent itself into deep budget deficits and pork spending while our soldiers don't have enough armor in Iraq?
    • would Gore have been golfing, eating birthday cake while New Orleans was flooding - well we have an answer to that from the two pics in this diary.

    I have always thought why cry over spilt milk. But sometimes thats all you have left - the crying.
    •  You forgot (3.85)
      would the levees have held because Gore fully funded the flood control and levee maintenance projects for the Army Corps of Engineers.

      And even if they broke, the disaster would have been mitigated because FEMA was run by professionals and all of the National Guard along with all of their highwater vehicles, emergency generators, and communications equipments was in the State rather than IN IRAQ.

    •  What can and what should be :) (3.83)
      swingvoter, I am with you on each one of your points. Since what has goneby has indeed goneby, perhaps we could make a difference by getting behind and encouraging a 2008 run by Gore, and in drumming up support for it.

      Towards this end, I'd like to introduce here this diary, where I make a case (and a collage) for why Gore would make a great candidate in 2008, and also urging Al to run in 2008: The Earth's in Peril, Mr. (Vice) President!

      It would be great if Al decides to return to politics and becomes one of our strongest voices even before the 2008 season comes our way. We badly need some powerful voices, in join that of Howard Dean.

      Joan Reports: thanks for the post with the additional details about these missions!

    •  What's certain... (none) if Gore had been President during Katrina, there would have been many more survivors, a lot less damage, and a lot more criticism about the President from Republicans and the media.
    •  Or your nice statement (none)
      I have always thought why cry over spilt milk. But sometimes thats all you have left - the crying.

      might be changed to

      But sometimes thats all you have left - the spilt milk.

    •  Unfortunately 9/11.... (none)
      First, I believe there is a pretty good chance 9/11 WOULD NOT HAVE happened to Gore... why?

      1. He may have thwarted it-- you know, because he takes memos with titles "determined to strike" seriously!

      2. Members of his Admin probably wouldn't have been complicit with what happened... not that we know the Bush people were... <snark?>

      BUT... had 9/11 happened-- Gore would have been castigated- he could have stood on the pile of rubble and said the same things as Bush, but he would have been laid low by the media-- likely, he would not have survived re-election.

      But... a President McCain would have dealt quite better with the hurricane I would guess...

      Bush will be impeached.

      by jgkojak on Sat Sep 10, 2005 at 02:09:25 PM PDT

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