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View Diary: AP reports it: Gore airlifted 270 patients and residents Saturday/Sunday (200 comments)

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  •  I'm glad Al has got his groove back (3.33)
    Before I go on, let make clear: I hate Bush, have always hated Bush, and will always hate Bush, unless some miracle comes about and souls and God exist and God restores the soul that the Devil has clearly stolen from Chimpy and he shows he cares about humans again. I could never endorse the guy. In addition, I voted for Gore and wanted him to win.

    Nevertheless, during the 2000 election, I had an uneasy feeling about Gore. I felt he was never comfortable in his own skin. There were times that I thought it was best that our party hadn't won in 2000, because although I shared Gore's values, I feared he had a personality that would have made everything bad stick to him and he would get no credit for anything good. As a result, like during Carter's, the ideals of our party would suffer as a result of people's perceiving that we were led by a milquetoast figure.

    I didn't always feel that way about Al. I remember his run in 1988 for President and hoped he would win the nomination that year. I thought he was young, smart, attractive, dynamic, hell, even charismatic. But after becoming the good soldier for Bill Clinton, heading up this and that government initiative -- Reinventing Govenrment, etc -- and doing it all well, I felt he was so angry at and felt so betrayed by Bill Clinton that he twisted himself in rage and, to his own detriment, avoided anything to do with Bubba during the 2000 election. Remember, he chose Lieberman as a statement about how he would be a departure from Clinton in terms of ethics and character. I bet Gore, in his heart, regrets having made that decision. Hell, he chose to endorse Dean over Lieberman last year, so you can be sure he regrets having made that choice in 2000.

    With this selfless act, done without the need for self-aggrandizing press contact, I get the feeling Gorfe has got his groove back and I couldn't be happier.

    •  Shame on you! (1.00)
      Idiots like you cost us 8 years of misery.
      Shame on you. You reasoning looks so stupid
      considering the other option. You helped fashists
      to destroy the country and you as evil as GOPs.
      USA will never be the same because of you. F... you
      •  There's a thread running through all of this: (none)
        the corrosive role of the corporate media.  As much as I share WeNeed3rdParty's feelings about the destructive consequences of 8 (or more) years of pseudo-fascist rule, we - and the Democratic Party - cannot afford to dismiss or deride the sort of sentiment expressed (quite thoughtfully) by John.  Image does matter in politics.  The reason why image matters is not that the American people are stupid and shallow, but that the corporate media depicts civic life in a way that is stupid and shallow.

        Media corporations are concerned primarily with selling an audience to advertisers.  We are their "product," and their programming is calibrated not only to attracting the widest audience, but to attracting the "right" target demographic for certain advertisers.  Real journalism doesn't accomplish this.  Even if we ignore for a moment the economic interests of media corporations that were at stake in the 2000 election, there was an institutional bias toward making election coverage "entertaining" and digestible (i.e. "shallow").  In the absence of civic values that would lead to coverage of actual policy issues, the story became how people [should have] "felt" about the candidates.

        Support IWT
        Independent World Television
        The Alternative to the Corporate Media

        by Cool Blue Reason on Sat Sep 10, 2005 at 08:44:52 AM PDT

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      •  I'm assuming this is snark (none)
        As I wrote in my first paragraph, I VOTED for Gore and HOPED he would win. I guess I should have made clear that in hindsight, seeing how much long lasting damage this administration has done to this country, I am glad that my SENTIMENTS about Gore not getting into office were misplaced.

        Remember, misplaced SENTIMENTS are much different from misplaced SUPPORT AND VOTING FOR another guy, thus allowing for the election of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Chimpy, Cheney, Rummy, and Brownie).

        I take it from your screenname that you probably voted for Nader, said as much on this site, and have been burnt by a bit of flaming. I'm sorry about that (though, if I were still a more active member on this site, I would probably have been one of the villagers wielding a torch). But remember this: perhaps the only sin greater than helping to elect Wingnuts on this site is poorly written snark.

        •  my vote: 2000 - Gore, 2004 - Dean (none)
          I cannot vote for Nader for a simple reason, because
          he objectively cannot win and every vote for
          him will be be a vote for Bush. In 2004 I voted
          by writing-in Dean's name, but I am very upset
          by Dean trying to help to DEMs.
          DEMS are not
          fixable and they are too friendly to large
          corporations and they are not friendly enough
          with poor and working people. They even not linked
          enough to Unions and allow unions to go down
          further and further. Top DEMs (like Clinton) are
          openly pro-capitalistic. BTW, in 1996 I voted
          for Clinton for simple reason: Dole and GOPs was
          just not-acceptable. They are evil enemies of
          american people

          So your "sorry" really MISPLACED as much as your
          other SENTIMENTS (like in 2000 against Gore).

    •  I think you bought the press meme, (none)
      though I know you are remarking sincerely.

      If the press had called me a phony as many times as they called Gore that, I think I would have started thinking I was too.  It was an echo chamber, and very loud.

    •  Re:I'm glad Al has got his groove back (none)
      I bet Gore, in his heart, regrets having made that decision.

      Well, Gore was rightfully mad at Clinton. To Clinton adultery is no big deal. To Gore it is a big deal because he is a deeply moral guy and takes marriage very seriously. Like it or not that's what he is.
      Moreover there is no logic in "using" an individual during your campaign who would have no role in your administration -- as Clinton obviously wouldn't have been a member of a Gore administration.
      Also, Gore knew how to govern without Clinton's help. He had been training himself for the job for at least 30 years. He started it long before you even heard about Bill Clinton. So why should such a man "use" Bill Clinton in his prez campaign? He was his own man and for good reason.
      If Bush and Clinton had the right to run on their own so did Gore.
      And Lieberman was not pushing for the invasion of Iraq in 2000.

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