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View Diary: AP reports it: Gore airlifted 270 patients and residents Saturday/Sunday (200 comments)

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  •  what could have been.... (4.00)
    Obviously Mr. Gore should rightfully be POTUS now, but the bigots, bullies and thugs ripped the Presidency out of his hands in Y2K and into Dumbya's, with results for all of us to see.  I actually had delusions last year that, if Kerry had actually pulled off a win, he could have appointed Mr. Gore to the Supreme Court when a vacancy opened up.  I think that would have suited Mr. Gore to a tee.  Of course, whether his former "colleagues" would have let him on...well, who knows.  In any case, it's tremendous that he's showing the example for people with means to help out.

    (Speaking of that, is the estate tax repeal still on the table?)

    •  My hope in '04 (3.66)
      was that Kerry as Prez would name Gore to the Cabinet as a start.  Secretary of the Interior, or Education, or an important undersecretary of State area, or something like that.  Some place where he could use his energy effectively and take charge again, and chart his course.
      •  fair point (none)
        True, Mr. Gore in any Cabinet capacity with Kerry/Edwards would have been splendid for the country.  Now, of course, all he can do is act as a private citizen, but he's doing more in that capacity than the entire Dumbya Cabinet put together.  

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