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View Diary: Dry Crescent City Bridge : Keep Escaping Walkers off - shoot them. (334 comments)

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  •  Not a family embarassment (none)
    This is a public forum.  It is perfectly possible to express ourselves without threats explicit or implicit.
    It's considered rude to insult or swear at a conversation partner on the board, and it is never acceptable to threaten physical violence.  (Kos, if you're reading this, making threats should probably be grounds for automatic expulsion.)
    This is as close to a rule as dKos has about threats.
    •  You take liberties. (none)
      First, the "threatening physical violence" in that sentence you quote means threatening participants in a conversation.

      Second, the standard you infer would, for instance, extend to banishing sentiments for sending in the Seals to get bin Laden or for revolting against the British.

      Third, it would imply gross violations by, say,

      Plutonium Page

      People who do this should be fed to the animals they are eventually killing.

      or DelawareDem


      Resignation is no longer enough.  Impeachment is no longer enough.  He must be tried, in a drumhead trial during a revolution if need be.  But it must happen.

      Martin Luther King engaged in conversations with people who debated civil disobedience. He reasoned, and he understood and respected their point of view.He did not call into question their exercise of speech.  

      Of course, at that time, the National Guard was a check on racist police viollence, at least sometimes.

      •  Go DelawareDem!!! (none)
        And thank you for that link, which I missed. I have disagreed so many times with DD I don't even read her/his posts anymore, but the link you provided was absolutely exhilarating. Bravo!

        George Bush is an enemy of the people. We can keep pretending this is just politics and we are civilized, but they aren't playing politics, and they aren't civilized, and when they start opening the concentration camps all the first amendments and rational discourse in the world won't help us.

        (none / 0), (none / 0), it's off to Kos we go, with a...

        by doorguy on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 12:21:07 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  I've seen comments disappeared. (none)
        One comment was from a member who volunteered to show up in someone's driveway "with a shotgun".  The 'someone' in question was an anonymous road rager who evidently took offense at some liberal bumper stickers.

        There is a continuum from making specific threats against a specific person to saying a group of people should come to an unfortunate end.  

        Yes, PP does get wired about certain issues.  I never advocate violence but some of my punishments for the guilty would be deemed cruel and unusual like exile in space.   Not isolation either, I'd exile all the neocon felons into a space station together.  One happy group in their own personal echo chamber floating in near vacuum.  No violence involved at all.  

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