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View Diary: Dry Crescent City Bridge : Keep Escaping Walkers off - shoot them. (334 comments)

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  •  Correction: Please fix diary (none)
    There's a confusion evident in many comments and also the updated diary.

    Gretna is a city with a police department.  The Chief of Police is Arthur Lawson.  (This link is to the current website, not a cached version.)

    Gretna is in Jefferson Parish (i.e. county), which has a sheriff's department.  The Sheriff is Harry Lee.

    Arthur Lawson is the person responsible for blocking the bridge.  In the UPI story
    Lawson says that "police from Gretna City, Jefferson Parrish and the Louisiana State Crescent City Connection Police Department [part of the state DOTD]" closed the bridge.  No one has posted to this thread any clear confirmation that parish or state officials were involved in this decision.  It was pointed out above that Governor Blanco intervened with local officials to allow a Regional Transit Authority employee to get out; this indicates that she was aware of the bridge closing.  The Sheriff's office is in Harvey, not far from the bridge, so it is likely that the Sheriff knew what was going on, but this is just speculation.

    Another question--interstate highways are normally closed to pededstrians.  Is pedestrian traffic usually allowed on the Crescent City Bridge?

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