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View Diary: 9/11: The Media Still Does Not Get It (193 comments)

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  •  the death of right wing mediots is coming (4.00)

    Give it time... their tune is rapidly getting old.  They are a broken record at this point. Whenever trapped they turn to their fading weapons -- blaming Hollywood, mocking France or Michael Moore -- and it's becoming increasingly obvious their hate-baiting is rapidly failing.

    They're like an indy race car driver running on fumes.  They keep hitting the pedals but the car is still slowing down.

    These people are money makers first and foremost, they sell what sells.  If the market dictates their old bigotry, demonization and outright lies no longer sell, they'll reinvent themselves as "moderates" or whatever they have to do to keep the money flowing.

    We really are on the verge of the "flip."  The next few years is payback.  I maintain that George Bush winning in 2004 will have long-term good effects on this country (except for the Supreme Court).  

    Bush now has to stew in his failures.  The mediots can't apologize much longer.  Bashing Hilary Clinton as she stands on T.V. the voice of moderation and intelligence, is increasingly exposing itself as the fraud it always was.

    Like a fever, this form of propaganda baiting can enflame the populace for short periods, even a number of years, but it's ultimately unsustainable.  It relies on extreme emotion and trigger code-words to enflame.  

    Keep pressing them and their effectiveness drops and drops and drops...

    Why do the facts, reality and objective truth hate America and the baby Jesus?

    by WinSmith on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 01:57:12 PM PDT

    •  Desperate and Wailing (none)
      Is what a 'last throes' sounds like.

      Somebody should tell Assrocket that there's no more money to pay for the unending wars.

      •  desperation (none)
        ...will make them violent.

        The wingnuts, not the pundits.  The pundits will be all "will no one rid us of these meddlesome liberals?" and the wingnuts will do their damndest.

        God forbid violence coming to this country, but I fear that once we finally withdraw from Iraq in disgrace, the real blame game will start and thr crosshairs will be on us.

        •  Then I'll be on the phone to my relatives (none)
          and everybody else should do that too.

          Protect yourselves by humanizing yourself at the moment they want to attack.

        •  not unreasonable (none)
          I think the reason a lot of the right-wing militia groups are kind of quiet is because they feel like their agenda is being taken care of to some extent. Maybe they don't agree with everything Bush is doing, but at least the GOP is in charge and they feel like the military is allowed to flex its muscles. (And the social safety net is a target, they probably don't mind that)

          If a Democrat wins the presidency in '08, I really do think the problems from groups like the Freemen, the Michigan Militia and their ilk will be back and present even more of a problem. People like Eric Rudolph and McVeigh, disgruntled, trained weapons experts, a little PTSD and a lot of grudge makes it bad.

          Then, once things like Patriot Act start to get used against them and they start feeling like the "ragheads" they hate... well look out, there's going to be some bad stuff going down in this country.

    •  One nitpick... (4.00)
      You made the observation that:

      "These people are money makers first and foremost, they sell what sells."

      Depends on what you mean by "these people."  For a lot of the mainstream media, this may very well be true.  But bear in mind that a lot of the right-wing mouthpieces don't actually have to worry too much about what "sells" in a real free market. Right-wing foundations prop us right-wing think-tanks, which pay people to churn out "position papers" and talking points. They have the resources not only to publish their own propaganda, but also to relentlessly push it into the mainstream media. The infrastructure not only cultivates and publishes right-wing authors, but also buys up books in bulk to jack up the sales figures.  They subsidize right-wing college newspapers as well, to get their messages out on college campuses.  And so on and so forth.

      Interestingly, these people seem to lack a certain faith in a "free market" of ideas, given how they subsidize their own messages.  

      Ironic, huh?

      It may be profitable for you to reflect, in future, that there never were greed and cunning in the world yet, that did not do to much, and overreach themselves.

      by ChaosMouse on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 02:31:43 PM PDT

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      •  I just gave you a "4" (none)
        ...but it appears as a "1".  Weird.  Anyways great response.  I did think of mentioning the think tanks funding these nimrods on the radio.

        Your irony observation about the free market is correct.  Most of their hate radio programs are not profit centers, they're paid for by special interest money aimed at getting propaganda out there.  

        Bush's 2001 and 2002 tax cuts funneled enormous amounts of money to those aimed at maintaining the status quo through propaganda techniques and that is the majority of what supports these media puppets.  The market system has nothing to do with it.

        Great post.  Not sure how that "1" appeared.  :/

        Why do the facts, reality and objective truth hate America and the baby Jesus?

        by WinSmith on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 03:08:14 PM PDT

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        •  Thanks (none)

          You might have thought your "4" showed up as a "1" because you confused the Average Rating with the Number of Ratings, and you rated me first.

          I'll explain. (Don't worry, someone had to explain this to me once, too.)

          There are two numbers in ratings, the average rating, which comes first, and how many ratings there have been, which comes second.  For example, (4/3) means that 3 people rated something, and they all must have rated it a 4, because that's the average. So you have basically [(average rating 4)/(3 people rated this)]. If two people rated something, and one gave it a 3 and one a 4, you'd get (3.5/2).  And so on.  (That's why, say, a (4/15) next to a comment is more impressive than a (4/2)!)

          But when there is only ONE rating so far, the average rating doesn't show up yet, just a "0" and the number of people - in this case, always 1 - who rated the comment.  So if you were the first and only person to rate me, it would show up as (0/1), no matter what rating you gave me - until someone else rated me too.

          See?  You didn't rate me a 1 at all, not even accidentally.

          It may be profitable for you to reflect, in future, that there never were greed and cunning in the world yet, that did not do to much, and overreach themselves.

          by ChaosMouse on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 04:18:44 PM PDT

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          •  Oh, I feel dumb... (none)
            I have to amend that.  A single rating shows up as (none/1), not as (0/1).  Shows how much attention I pay.  Here, I'll give you a 4, and as long as I'm the only one who rates you, you'll see what I mean.

            It may be profitable for you to reflect, in future, that there never were greed and cunning in the world yet, that did not do to much, and overreach themselves.

            by ChaosMouse on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 04:33:26 PM PDT

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        •  So where's the funding for AirAmerica? (none)
          They could use some think-tank money from what I can see. They play an inordinate amount of commercials and, frankly, most of the sponsors are folks I would never buy anything from. It would be better if they could charge more for higher-quality sponsors. Instead they seem to be charging very low rates to anyone who comes along, no matter how shady the product. I know they've had problems so I can't fault them for their advertising policy. Funding from non-advertising revenue would help.

          A pessimist sees a glass half empty. I see a paper cup with holes punched in it.

          by Paper Cup on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 05:01:08 PM PDT

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        •  Unfortunate Fact (none)
          The Right is not going to fold up shop and recede to some gated community. Especially the asshole pundits. They are greedy mean-spirited stubborn bastards through and through and the most that can be hoped is that the public sees their sham and tunes them out and votes against their candidates.

          Bush's low poll numbers are a beautiful sight. They are a victory in my book. But those numbers don't mean that the twisted rightwing media will go away, they will just keep howling at the door from now till forever.

    •  And what happened to these guys: (4.00)

      Weren't they the ones going to Iraq to dig up the good news? I don't recall seeing their report. Did they have some trouble finding something good to report on?

      Moving America Forward is now organizing a Support the Troops Weekend. We all support the troops. Maybe we should join their event. There would probably be more of us than of them. We could use their organization to promote our campaign that truly supports the troops.

      The Media Is Dead. Long Live

      by KingOneEye on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 03:03:29 PM PDT

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    •  Since you are making a prediction... (none)
      ... I'll ask how you envision Bush's presidency helping the country (except for the Supreme Court).

      You expect an anti-right-wing backlash?

      By far the most important problem facing our country, in both the medium and long term, is energy consumption -- too much of it.

      In what ways will the improved USA which you imagine be able to cope with gradually decreasing availability of fossil fuels, and the necessity for reducing both waste of fuel and overall consumption of energy?

      That would be a difficult task for any administration. It destroyed Jimmy Carter's presidency.

      •  How about... (4.00)
        coming clean with the American people about what is going on? We  are going to need a drastic retooling of our entire infrastructure to survive  the Peak Oil predictions, there's no doubt about that. There are simply no politicians  with the balls to do that. To go on national T.V. and  say,  "Look folks, here's  what we know about the world oil supply, we've used up about half of what we  know is out there,  and that means some things are going to have to change, but we're  all in this together, and  we can figure it out." Sadly, that won't happen.

        I agree that energy scarcity is a  huge issue, but I have to say that I now believe global warming is the bigger immediate and moderate-term issue,  especially in light of Katrina. Katrina and other storms and weather phenomena like Katrina are the result of climate destabilization due to global warming. Human  caused environmental destruction, like destroying wetlands, and the failures to recognize long-term consequences of immediate decisions, like not spending $40 million to shore up a levy, only exacerbate the problem.

        Fossil fuel consumption around the world could come to a grinding halt tomorrow, and  we  would still be  dealing with the effects of global warming: rising sea levels, bizarre changes in weather patterns and temperature levels, etc. These effects are now with us for the long term.

        So energy consumption and decreasing it and finding a way to replace fossil fuels (which won't be easy) are huge problems, but global warming goes hand in hand with it.

        But the first thing that has to happen is to get the "Me First Fuck Everybody Else" administration out of office. People in this country are not "unified" in any sense of the word.  Katrina may change that slightly. The next step would be to get leadership in the White House that  will start to take the steps necessary to deal with energy scarcity. Hell, I think the oil companies should be nationalized, but that's not going to happen. But tax credits and infusing money into R&D for alternatives would be a start. They can go from there. New CAFE standards. No more than one car per family. Want to buy a Hummer? No problem, your car registration will be $10,000 per year. Frankly, I doubt there are many Americans who are  "against" legislation calling for better CAFE standards and R&D to get us out of the Peak Oil mess, but this administration doesn't support it. Most Americans probably do.

        Is there time for baby steps in light of Peak Oil?  Probably, but we better get cracking. And getting the current thugs out of the WH is the first step.

        •  Carter put (none)
          PV's on the roof of the White House, and Reagan's first act in office was to take them down.

          What do you think it will take Americans to give up their bravado and embrace conservation?

          •  That's the question, isn't it? (none)
            The first thing that needs to happen is to have a leader who actually DOES unify, who has the ability to tap into people's belief that we actually ARE in this together and it must be  a national effort. Right now, I don't see any leaders on the horizon who can do that. Maybe Dean could  have done it, or could do it, and maybe someone like him will have a better chance in 2008.  Bush never asked for sacrifice with his illegal occupation of Iraq. After 9/11, he told us to go shopping.  After Katrina, he said  "no taxes need to be raised to deal with this."   I want someone who says, "It's going to take every one of us doing what  we can to get through it. We are going to phase out gasoline cars, but we'll help you with grants and loans for new  cars. We are going to plough money into local community and state programs to boost locally grown food and transport networks so everyone can eat. Solar panels will be mandatory, and we'll help you pay for them. Our top priority is R&D to figure this out and get off the foreign oil teat." Whatever it is. Someone to take charge, surround themselves with the big guns as far as scientists, researchers, planners, policy wonks, everybody working on the problem.

            I  want a leader who gives us the facts and says, you know, this might  get  hard, but we are going to get through this with everyone's help. We  can do this. We'll do it on our end, you do it on your end, and we'll support you in doing it.

            Before that happens, however, I think you must have  in place a government that supports citizens in BASIC needs--like FEMA being filled with competent folks who will respond; like national health insurance; like programs to get people working and help them when they are not; like Social Security being protected, etc., etc.  

            What will it take for people to embrace conservation? I don't want to blow a horn for nationalism, but people in this country are at sea--they are literally at sea without meaning in their lives, loss of spirituality, being caught up in materialism. Those at the bottom are awash in desperation and lack of faith that ANYTHING  will change. A good leader can break through and give people something  to hope for, something to work on, ways to participate in their community,  ways to make them feel that what they are doing IS important to the country and will make  a difference. I don't think it's any leader we have  right now. Names are floating around, like Obama, Feingold, etc. Perhaps these leaders, or others like them, will come into the fold. But after the tragedy of Katrina, it might  be easier to reach people  about the direction our country is going in, the truth about Peak Oil, etc.  

            •  I dream of a wo/man that will (none)
              actually challenge Americans - challenge them to get off their asses and work to better inform themsleves, to be more a part of their community (be it a neighborhood in a large city or a small town like mine), a leader that will tell them that Survivor or Idol doesn't mean squat in their lives, or that who their neighbor marries will not affect their lives.

              But it aint gonna happen. Why?

              Because corporatoins like one thign the most: predictability. They don't care if a country is ground under the heel of a tyrant - as long as it is predictable. They like an America where many of the men can tell you who the back up QB is for the Dolphins. They like an America that will believe that Rush Limbaugh always tells the truth, even though it takes NO effort to prove that he is lying. It is the stuff written about in Sci-Fi books from the 30's - the coddled, lazy, herd of sheep.

              Anyone that attempts to shout down the present status quo will not be heard, or worse, humiliated  to the point of defeat. The corp's own the media, and there is no way that they will let that voice be heard.


              America is destroyed.It is only from these ashes that America stands a chance of changing - and then, only a chance.

              This is our America: where a host on NPR does not challenge the oil industry spokesman be telling her it takes more energy to make ethanol than is derived from it.

              Where we use 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef.

              Where the Fed spends money to supply water to farmers so that they can grow crops in a desert, while at the same time we PAY farmers in areas where rainfall is plentiful to NOT plant any crops.

              Where the electorate does not want to elect a person that is smarter than themselves to run the country, because...???

              Where nearly every citizen has not read the Constitution, and yet is supposed to understand the difference between 'originalists' and 'lviing' veiwpoints.

              The country that I love. And the one that does not even come close to its potential.

        •  Several things (none)
          • public transportation. Electric buses (I've already seen them in a couple of places)

          • improve home insulation. Thicker walls, more under the roof, tighter doors and windows

          • tax the SUVs, trucks and other tanks aggressively. The 10K you mention is quite drastic... I'd cut them some slack. 9999.99 perhaps? I mean, if they bought all the propaganda about these vehicles so far, they'll clearly see how much better this is than your 10K.

          • tax breaks for hybrid and electric cars, much more than now

          • tax breaks for efficient home appliances. I bought a few new ones last year, and they're getting really smart.

          • employ just as much federal propaganda against gas guzzlers as they did against smoking

          If there is freedom to say 2+2=4, everything else follows - "1984"

          by DrFairday on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 08:40:31 PM PDT

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    •  Yup (none)
      An editorial in my hometown paper blamed Clinton.  I'm still laughing...  I'll bet the editor was chuckling too when he decided to print that one.  It's like reflex...

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