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  •  "liberating the Arab countries" (none)
    the Bush administration's conviction that the only way to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism, long term, is to help liberate the Arab countries so that their peoples' energies will be channeled into the peaceful pursuits of free enterprise and democracy, rather than into extremist ideologies and terrorism.

    So we're supposed to be "liberating" the Arab countries?  Is this where our mission drift has taken us?

    If so, no wonder we're having such a tough time in Iraq.  This reminds me of the old joke about the Boy Scouts helping the old lady across the street:

    The scout master was going down the row of boys who were to report on their good deeds since the last meeting. He came to one boy who said that he had helped an old woman to cross the street. The scout master complimented the boy on his good deed and went on to the next boy. He too said that he had helped the same woman to cross the street. Again the scout master complimented the boy. The next boy gave the same story about helping the woman across the street. This time the scout master looked confused and asked, "Why did it take the three of you to help the woman across the street?" "She didn't want to go!" the three boys replied.

    We should have made sure the people of Iraq really wanted to be "liberated" before we went in there.

    New Orleans will never die

    by hrh on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 03:18:25 PM PDT

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