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View Diary: 9/11: The Media Still Does Not Get It (193 comments)

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  •  I dream of a wo/man that will (none)
    actually challenge Americans - challenge them to get off their asses and work to better inform themsleves, to be more a part of their community (be it a neighborhood in a large city or a small town like mine), a leader that will tell them that Survivor or Idol doesn't mean squat in their lives, or that who their neighbor marries will not affect their lives.

    But it aint gonna happen. Why?

    Because corporatoins like one thign the most: predictability. They don't care if a country is ground under the heel of a tyrant - as long as it is predictable. They like an America where many of the men can tell you who the back up QB is for the Dolphins. They like an America that will believe that Rush Limbaugh always tells the truth, even though it takes NO effort to prove that he is lying. It is the stuff written about in Sci-Fi books from the 30's - the coddled, lazy, herd of sheep.

    Anyone that attempts to shout down the present status quo will not be heard, or worse, humiliated  to the point of defeat. The corp's own the media, and there is no way that they will let that voice be heard.


    America is destroyed.It is only from these ashes that America stands a chance of changing - and then, only a chance.

    This is our America: where a host on NPR does not challenge the oil industry spokesman be telling her it takes more energy to make ethanol than is derived from it.

    Where we use 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef.

    Where the Fed spends money to supply water to farmers so that they can grow crops in a desert, while at the same time we PAY farmers in areas where rainfall is plentiful to NOT plant any crops.

    Where the electorate does not want to elect a person that is smarter than themselves to run the country, because...???

    Where nearly every citizen has not read the Constitution, and yet is supposed to understand the difference between 'originalists' and 'lviing' veiwpoints.

    The country that I love. And the one that does not even come close to its potential.

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