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View Diary: Texas OK's Death Penalty for Abortion Providers (348 comments)

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  •  texas: the anus of civilization (1.83)
    a shithole befitting george bush.
    •  I'd bet, (4.00)
      every state in the nation has some claim to infamy.  Man/Woman can be a venal BEAST, like those in the above Photo Op.

      Thankfully, there are still enough human beings with a heart to fight this insanity.

      What an excellent day for an Excorcism... SCI

      by DianeL on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 05:29:07 PM PDT

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      •  I second that (4.00)
        Dyed-in-the-wool whackos are everywhere in the U.S.  Even Wisconsin.  Even Ann Arbor, I'd bet.  Even Cambridge, Mass.  We have 'em here in New York, too.

        And I say again (as I did in another thread), GEORGE W. BUSH WAS BORN IN NEW HAVEN.  HIS GRANDFATHER WAS THE REPUBLICAN SENATOR FOR CONNECTICUT (and his grandmother founded Planned Parenthood of Connecticut - no, really).  Admittedly the benighted citizens of Texas (at least those who bothered to vote) did elect him governor, but he ain't the real thing.

        Remember, fellow Kossacks, there are a lot of progressives in Texas.  Some are quiet, some are loud, but they are, I promise you, THERE.

      •  Maine used to be part of Massachusetts n/t (none)
      •  Oregon is Perfect (none)
        We don't have any wackos here.

        Especially now that we've gotten rid of the Rajneeshis.

        Well, we also have street signs supporting the Nazis.

        And there's the Church of Elvis.  But doesn't everyone have a Church of Elvis nearby nowdays?

        There's also the problem with occasionally getting crushed by 1/2 ton chunks of rancid whale meat, but that's just one of the hazards of living near the beach.

        •  What about the OCA? (none)
          Is the Oregon Citizen's Alliance still trying to ban homosexuals?

          I grew up in Bend. Oregon is lucky to have Eugene and Portland - otherwise it would be the mini-me to Texas.

          •  They've finally been recognized as the wackos (none)
            they've always been.....

            Lon Mabon has gone off the deep end, and isn't making much news anymore.

            Here's a quote from Willamette Week:

            If the state held a popularity contest, Lon Mabon would lose. Polls suggest that 80 percent of Oregonians who know who he is would rather have a prison site in their back yard than have dinner with the director of the Oregon Citizens Alliance.

            And apparently, he has recently declared himself to be God's Patriarch, or some such thing.

            •  Thank God! (none)
              That's some good news. Now if only people would realize this about all the other wannabe CEO's parading as religious leaders.

              Religion is good, corporatization of it is sick, politicizing it is dangerous.

    •  Actually it was Connecticut that produced (4.00)
      George Bush.  And frankly I'm a bit tired of the stupidity of the Texas government being used as an excuse to write ugly things about an entire state and its people.  You have to know how wrong that is, don't you?

      I imagine lots of ugly things are being said about the United States all over the world because of the stupidity and malevolence of our government.  In fact I know there are because I've read a few along the lines of "Americans are vicious" and "Americans have ruined the world" and few other comments even less kind.

      Well, I am an American and I am a Texan.  I suppose I should be just taken out and shot and my family too as the rabid dogs we are.  How does that sound?

      Why do you think that the Texas Republicans worked so hard to redistrict here?  It is because they feared the changing demographics in this state and they feared that it would cause the loss of their power.  

      And they were right.  Texas dems gave them a pretty stiff fight and showed more gumption than the national dems for sure. Don't write Texas off.  We may surprise you.

      •  Thanks, Pundette (2.50)
        I'm in full agreement with you.  It's a pain in the ass being from Texas right now - but I won't say I'm not.  What I want is to see it rise from the ashes not "fuck itself" or "secede" or do any of the other things being suggested in the comments here.

        Same goes for America - has anyone been to Europe lately?  I was in England last May, and a total stranger in Oxford - a neighbor of the friends I was staying with - decided he just HAD to walk into the town center with me (@ 20 minutes).  His opening gambit:  "So, as an American, how does it feel to know that everyone else in the world hates you?"  I think I said, it doesn't feel great, but I didn't vote for the sons-of-bitches, so I also don't feel guilty.

        And folks - Pundette is dead on right about the redistricting thing.  The demographics are going to change and eventually no amount of redistricting will conceal that.

        •  What happens... (none)

          if a bunch of the folks from New Orleans decide they want to settle there permenantly?  That could change the demographics in a real hurry.
        •  preach on (none)
          you're no less full of shit than many preachers.

          don't tell me about texas- i have 44 years there. born and raised alongside george bush.

          the texas dems have not fought the republ;ican takeover. they rolled over and accepted it. john whitmire sabotaged redistricting, the same john whitmire who just sabotaged mayor white. no statewide elected dems. republicans like pete laney masquerading as dems. congressmen like martin frost closer to bush than his opwn brother is.

          wake up from your fantasy. you live in a shithole- a wretched place. nazi germany was a shithole. not all germans were bad people, but the place was bad. i don't know why simple grammar is so difficult for some red-staters. oh, well, maybe i do.


      •  Yeah but (none)
        [quote]I'm a bit tired of the stupidity of the Texas government being used as an excuse to write ugly things about an entire state and its people.[/quote]

        Texas' government didn't just magically appear out of thin air -- people voted for it.

        Same with the US as a whole, Bush didn't just appear, he's a symptom of deeper problem.

        Sponge Bob, Mandrake, Cartoons. That's how your hard-core islamahomocommienazis work.

        by Benito on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 10:23:13 PM PDT

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        •  worse than that (2.50)
          these so-called "democrats" im texas gave bush the veneer of "compassion", of "moderation" and of "bipartisanship"

          george bush DESTROYED state finance in texas. he absolutely destroyed it. no money for public education. no money for public healthcare.

          no money for poor children.

          and texas "democrats" enabled him every step of the way.

      •  Look (2.00)
        I'm no Texan, but if I was a Texan, I'd still be damn ashamed of that state.  It is a disgrace.

        There are many things I'm ashamed of in my own heritage.  Ask about 'em and I won't hide 'em.

        People will keep hating Texas as long as it deserves to be hated, and whether you're a Texan or not, any rational person should absolutely detest that state.

        Look, I'm employed in Ohio.  Ohio is a fucking backwards hellhole -- I'm not going to make up excuses for all the despicable crap I see in that pathetic rotting wasteland of a state.  I can't wait cut my ties with that place.

        There is such a thing as collective shame.  You're entitled to pride as an individual, but I think it's that sense of community responsibility that keeps the Texas Dems fron dying out.  They're fighting BECAUSE they're ashamed.

        You can't stop the ugly things from being said by simply lashing back.  As it is, the same Kossacks who bash Texas are doing what they can to clean up the place.  But for now, face it -- the place is a mess.

        After all, isn't that why you're here in the first place?

        My taxes support the troops, not a yellow sticker.

        by Dragonchild on Mon Sep 12, 2005 at 03:48:33 AM PDT

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        •  I wish you could really perceive what you (none)
          have written.  "People will hate Texas as long as it deserves to be hated."  

          Hmmm.  Hatred is a destructive emotion and it is most destructive to the person who harbors it.

          And yes, there is such a concept as "collective shame."  I have never thought it particularly valid.  It usually exists in the psyches of those who feel the need to shame. I've often seen it used as an excuse to heap abuse on whole populations, as a kind of an easy way for those so inclined to relieve the inner pressure of negative emotion.  Like so many are doing here, for instance.

          And I am very sorry you hate where you live.  I myself love where I live.  It doesn't blind me to its faults though.  I was unhappy here once and ran away, "cut all ties" as you put it.  

          But I found that every place I went I was equally disatisfied in one way or another and found plenty to "hate" wherever I went.  Finally I realized that I carried the unhappiness with me.  I'm back in Texas and there are still a lot of things wrong here.  But I can work to change them and I am.

          Finally, where did I lash out at anyone?  That is an overly strong characterization of my rather mild remonstrance.

          •  Hm (none)
            Somehow, I don't think it's a case of "carrying unhappiness" when Texas just passed a law that's specifically designed to slaughter people.  I think any sane person should get upset.

            Considering human lives are at stake, I'm seeing a healthy amount of outrage, and yes, I sincerely believe the state of Texas thoroughly deserves what it's getting here.  We can work to change it (we're on the same side, here), but don't tell me it's not justified when the state is fighting viciously against EVERY SINGLE progressive movement in the country.

            In college, I had a reputation for being a jerk.  Well, I WAS a jerk.  If you hated me, I deserved it (not that I'm much better these days).  Similarly, Texas has a reputation for being scummy.  Guess what:  It didn't happen in a fucking vacuum.  It actually fought pretty damn hard to deserve it.

            Kossacks may yet grow to like Texas (overall).  But you know, the state's gotta earn it, first.

            My taxes support the troops, not a yellow sticker.

            by Dragonchild on Mon Sep 12, 2005 at 08:34:53 AM PDT

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            •  I wasn't talking about hating Texas (none)
              specifically, I was talking about hating where you are at any given time.  I do not find hatred a useful emotion.  That's all.

              I also do not find it useful to characterize an entire population as "scummy" however badly their government behaves.  It is a habit of thought that can lead to dark places.  

              When one gets to the point of thinking and expressing thoughts like, "Texans (or Russians or Germans or Jews or Arabs or Americans etc) should be wiped from the face of the earth" or "I wouldn't care if the whole scummy place sinks into the ocean," then one stands in a very dark place indeed.

              Have a care.

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