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View Diary: Texas OK's Death Penalty for Abortion Providers (348 comments)

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    Thank you!
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      at the risk of being a thread-cutter, i'd like to say some things about Texas.  just to give you guys some feedback from a local (Houston).

      this law & this gov'nah (we call him Governor Goodhair b/c of the 8 ouces of gel in his toupee) are F'ing embarrassing!

      But please avoid berating Texas - no matter how good that feels (to be honest i feel it sometimes).  it's counter-productive & it falls for the Rovian idea that the South is all Red & therefore should be ignored by Dems.

      Remember Dean's 50 state strategy.  It's not a true 50 state strategy if we the hard-core Dems keep berating any particular state.

      & remember there are nuts in every state.  Hasert?  Keyes?  Jeb?  Santorum (is he VA or PA??  guess both.)

      We've got nuts everywhere.  Let's go after them all!  But don't rip up the state b/c that's a great way to convince those people they shouldn't like & listen to ya & it also unfairly labels everybody that stripe.

      Also, it sets the mindset that the region is unwinnable for us.  THAT'S PLAIN BULLSHIT.  Ann Richards was the governor just a few years ago.  & it won't change back overnite but the place is much more purple than red & pretty blue in many ares.  All we gotta do is make it an even fight & hold them down here.

      There are some amazing progressive Texans who love this state to death & are doing something to change it BACK to blue.

      Like the author of this diary, moiv.  or my Texas KOS buddies, txbirdman, the boz, TxSharon, Ari & whole bunch of us who got tired of seeing Delay's ugly mug representing Texas.

      We also got tired of people shitting on the state of Texas from the outside as well.  

      As txbirdman said a while ago:  You try holding up a Vote for Kerry sign on the side of a Texas road.  

      Now that's a strong progressive.  

      Don't undercut that determination & strength by ridiculing the state that he & many of us love.

      & yes, there's alot to love about Texas.  just come on down here & we'll show ya'll around.

      i'd like to close with some random stats:

      1.  Bush's approval ratings here (& this was prior to Katrina) was 50%

      2.  I'm seeing ALOT fewere W's on the cars & MY GOD!  I'm seeing cars!  People can't drive their SUVs anymore.

      3.  Tom Delay is more UNPOPULAR than approved in his district.  Richard Morrison almost beat him & Nick Lampson is going to kick his sorry ass!

      4.  Chris Bell, the NEXT governor, was the guy who started up the whole damn fight against Tom Delay & he's Texan like bluebonnets, tubing on the Guadalupe, & Shiner Bock.

      5.  We've got the Schlitterbahn DAMMIT!  You wanna use it, you better as hell be nice!!

      um.  i don't kow where that last came from but it seemed appropriate.

      sorry to ramble.  but yeah, i understand the frustration & hope that you don't give up on the South again.

      we need to get this country back & it's gonna means flushing out the rats EVERYWHERE.  

      ya'll wanna start here, FINE.  let's git to work.  we're already busy.

      & now the obligatory plug.  Join Texas KOS!

      •  btw (none)
        look at the pic.  mostly women.  done purposely for the photo-op i know but it's interesting that so many women have drunk the kool-aid.

        it happens in every culture.  some of the most dogmatic people supporting what you'd think are sexist rules are women.

        (yes, many men aren't that helpful but then these particular men consciously or not feel they gain from suppressing women's rights)

        any psychologist/socialogist here to cover that in more detail?

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