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View Diary: Texas OK's Death Penalty for Abortion Providers (348 comments)

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  •  Can we knock off (4.00)
    The anti-Texas remarkrs?  They're childish and unproductive.  I can't believe I'm saying this, since TX is the #1 state on my I won't go there if I won't have to list, but really.  160 comments and like half of them say the same thing:  "Fuck Texas".  That's not going to help with the reproductive rights of the women there.  
    •  Applause for you (4.00)
      My sentiments exactly.  Plus it's completely disregarding the incredible women, like Moiv, who live and work so hard for change in Texas.  If we don't think we're one step away from what is happening in Texas then we're not paying attention.  

      These brave women deserve our support and our respect.  Knock off the we hate Texas nonsense.  We've all got work to do.  

      Katrina changed everything, you bet your sweet ass it did. "Women's social rights are not critical to the evolution of democracy." Reuel Gerecht

      by caliberal on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 07:16:27 PM PDT

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    •  yeah, (none)
      They should move. Or vote. Kinda hard to have sympathy, there is enough anti GOP folks in TX to put a stop to this stuff - since they chose not to, i guess they must like it, or not care.

      Hearts go out to the TX folks who have tried - move is all i suggest - or recruit more folks to help you.

      •  Texas (4.00) becoming a majority-minority state

        And the trends for the future are Democratic.
        The GOP has peaked.

        Perry's approval rating is 38%.
        He's vulnerable.

        I will be a happy and vindicated Texan when we become the dominant party here.

    •  Texas (1.00)
      He Darlin, reality sucks...don't it? I say cut the place adrift, cut the damned lines if they don't get their shit together.
      •  Sorry (none)
        That was a smartalecky "Hey darlin" that i meant to say. Forgive my shitty typing skills.
      •  And that's helping how? (none)
        I don't take kindly to so-called "terms of endearment" so please forgive me if I don't see the HAHA in this.  Remarks like yours are the ultimate in useless in my book.  Why bother responding at all?  This isn't a state in this union that has it's shit together.  What's your brilliant solution for the other 49?  
        •  My solution (none)
          I say cut those fuckers adrift also, until we're left with nothin. Cut me a little slack sister, I can't type worth a shit and it shows. contrary to what you might think, I love you.
          •  I don't mean (none)
            To come off so mean or mad and please understand my frustration, substitute your state of residence and think about having 60, 80, 120 people say "Fuck [your state]".  I'd much rather see solutions.  I can't think of any beyond letter writing and education.  It's frustrating to me to have to think of the women of TX going through this nonsense.

            On my mommy boards there are 3 Texan women I can think of who are considering abortions.  They're all poor Republicans who are married.  They either can't afford another child or their partners are not who they want to stay with and have another child.  I would love to send this link to them, but won't.  I can send them details of the diary to let them know what it is they voted in when they choose to follow in the footsteps of their families instead of actually thinking for/about themselves.  Other than that, I have no ideas.  None.

            •  Ye shall reap what ye shall sow (none)
              They're all poor Republicans who are married.  They either can't afford another child or their partners are not who they want to stay with and have another child.

              How sad.

              Kind of like the idiots in Mississippi who vote for people like Trent Lott who destroy the federal government's ability to respond to natural disaster and then complain about the federal government not being there when disaster strikes.

              Boo Hoo. Sad for them.


              Sponge Bob, Mandrake, Cartoons. That's how your hard-core islamahomocommienazis work.

              by Benito on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 10:35:00 PM PDT

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        •  Thanks for the timely comments. (none)
          Actually as a Texas Democrat, I can understand how Mr. "Hey, darlin'" above feels. After all, the way he's talking about my state is pretty much the way the rest of the world talks about our country these days...

          When you start to paint with the tarbrush, it gets on everybody.

          Sounds fair, huh?

          Down, by God, but not out.

          by perro amarillo on Sun Sep 11, 2005 at 08:32:31 PM PDT

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        •  Fabooj (none)
          I'll go to bat for you any old time
    •  No, it doesn't help a bit (4.00)
      We're stuck with Rick Perry and the yobbos in our legislature in the same way Democrats in many other states are stuck with anti-choice, anti-woman governments of their own. You can look it up: 34 states -- including AL, AK, AZ, AR, CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NV, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, UT, VA and WI -- have TRAP laws every bit as unjust and indefensible as this one.

      Almost three million Texans voted blue in 2004, but that just wasn't good enough, no more than the Democratic tally was in a lot of other states.

      So, to the "fuck Texas" crowd: It's understandable that execrable laws like this one trigger outbursts of the anger that we all feel simmering just beneath the surface, but turning that anger on people just like yourselves, people who are suffering just as much under these Christofascist SOBs as you are -- if not more -- is unworthy of the people we tell ourselves we are.  

      Think about it. And thanks, fabooj, for speaking up about it.  

      •  You're welcome (4.00)
        It's really frustrating to hear it.  I never had a high opinion of Texans, especially the women after I "met" a few via my mommy boards.  Then I found this site and I'm constantly amazed by the strong, female activist from Texas who are regulars here.  You motivate me and I live in CA where my issues will most likely pass anyway.  Now, I like to think of Texan women (particularly the Dem. ones) as cast in the mold of you, Melody, krazypuppy, et al.  When I hear these "fuck Texas" remarks, I think of how sad the state would be without you women there fighting.  
      •  Well, I'll tell you what (none)
        The sooner that you disassociate yourselves from the "we are stuck with Rick Perry" bs, the happier you might become. I used to live in california, where the biggest asshole on the planet thought he could usurp the rights of the people and fulfill a bunch of right wing bullshit. Well, It ain't gonna happen.  People got tired of his shit and saw throught it, and he's being called out. Do the same with Perry. Be more noisy I suppose. In these times, anything goes, so don't be afraid.

        Take back your state, or relinquish it. In my heart, i know you will take it back. Just like we will all take back our country. I am not fucking joking around.

        Love, Mikolo

      •  Texas (none)
        I will stick up for you always. That is the best I can offer at this point in time. Just believe it!


        •  Appreciate it (none)
          "The 'we are stuck with Rick Perry' bs" is the reality on the ground today, the one I have to plant my reality-based feet on when I head to our abortion-providing clinic every day for another day of risk management, and disregarding it won't keep our doctors safe from prosecution under this law, or under some others almost as bad. But tomorrow is another day entirely.

          We do make a little noise from time to time. Then we make more noise. And then some more. And some more.

          And "afraid" belonged to another life, now far behind me.

          We'll all have to stick up for each other, Mike, until the dawning of that less-noisy tomorrow we're all working for. I believe that, and I believe you, too.

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