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View Diary: Texas OK's Death Penalty for Abortion Providers (348 comments)

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  •  I second that (4.00)
    Dyed-in-the-wool whackos are everywhere in the U.S.  Even Wisconsin.  Even Ann Arbor, I'd bet.  Even Cambridge, Mass.  We have 'em here in New York, too.

    And I say again (as I did in another thread), GEORGE W. BUSH WAS BORN IN NEW HAVEN.  HIS GRANDFATHER WAS THE REPUBLICAN SENATOR FOR CONNECTICUT (and his grandmother founded Planned Parenthood of Connecticut - no, really).  Admittedly the benighted citizens of Texas (at least those who bothered to vote) did elect him governor, but he ain't the real thing.

    Remember, fellow Kossacks, there are a lot of progressives in Texas.  Some are quiet, some are loud, but they are, I promise you, THERE.

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