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View Diary: Texas OK's Death Penalty for Abortion Providers (348 comments)

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  •  Objectivication was the crime Onan committed (4.00)
    Onan had a brother.  His brother died, leaving a widow and no children.  Consequently, Onan obligated to impregnate the widow.

    Why?  So that she would have some children to take care of her in her old age — specifically male children.  If she already had one or more sons, he would not have had the obligation.  This was a serious obligation because:

    • there was no strong government to provide assistance
    • the mortality rate among children was high
    • people who were able to keep themselves out of poverty (i.e. they were essentially self-sufficient / subsistence workers) often became impoverished as they got older and more disease prone
    • widows were especially at risk — and at an earlier age — since most everyone else was a subsistence worker (i.e. had very little to share)

    Failure to assist his brother's widow in having children was at least condeming her to poverty in the future, likely the immediate future.  Given this would lead to her death, ignoring / refusing this obligation was tantamount to murder.  Onan wanted to keep up appearances, so he agreed to have intercourse with the widow.

    His sin was that he used the widow for his own personal pleasure — instead of fulfiling the obligation he agreed to take on.

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