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View Diary: Texas OK's Death Penalty for Abortion Providers (348 comments)

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  •  Basta with the hating on Texas (none)
    Yes, I know everyone's frustrated and furious, and rightly so, and that the state has produced a crop of politicians and lobbyists and industrialists and thieves more toxic than the water flooding New Orleans right now.  And yes, it's Monday night, so who's going to read this?  But even though I left Texas in 1977, I've really had it with all the "Fuck Texas" stuff, because the state continues to be full of people I love and admire and believe in.  We do not - and this is my view, of course - get to hate an entire population, an entire place.  We get to hate the evil people do, and that's it.  Right now we seem to be adopting the language of the bad guys, and it's not going to get us anywhere but backwards or stuck.

    The best-written statement that I ever read to this effect is by the Israeli writer Amos Oz, from 1985.  The far right has done everything he talks about, and I would hate to see us follow in their footsteps.  NB I DO realize that the folks in this forum haven't generally gone this far, so this isn't here as an accusation:

    Tyranny, oppression, moral degeneration, persecution and mass killing have always and everywhere started with the pollution of the language, making it sound clean and decent where it should have been base and violent ("the new order," "final solution," "temporary measures," "limited restrictions") or else with making the language sound coarse and bestial where it should have been humane and delicate ("parasites," "insects," "germs," etc.). ... Wherever a human being is referred to as a parasite or a germ, there follow, sooner or later, death squads and exterminations. ... The defilement of the language precedes and prepares the defilement of life and dignity.

    From a speech given in Budapest, October 1985, printed in "Index on Censorship," January 1986

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