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  •  Dems need to force Roberts on the defensive fast (none)
    I'd suggest asking him immediately about his thoughts on when to recuse himself. His reported comment in private, that he'd recuse himself any time his Catholic faith required him to rule a certain way, is worth getting into public record.

    If he tries to back away from that position, the Dems should pounce on his dissembling. If he maintains what he said earlier, Dems should pounce...because it's a stupid position to take. It shows that Roberts won't uphold his judicial oath to decide cases impartially. Besides, we already have a vacation President. We don't need a vacation Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    You really don't need another reason to oppose Roberts than that he will not set aside his own religious views when judging cases. It's an extremist's position, and Dems should say so.

    •  That Purported Comment (none)
      That purported comment that he'd recuse on any case that conflicted with his Roman Catholic faith is denied by all concerned. If Dick Durbin is denying it, I wouldn't put much stock on it being what Roberts said. It seems like raising the question will just give Roberts a chance to shoot it down.

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