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View Diary: Justice Thomas Gets One Right (130 comments)

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  •  Roberts needs to be filibustered (none)
    Dems have to insist that cronyism is deadly. Witness what happens when an Arabian horse show guy runs FEMA. A Chief Justice with 2 years experience as a judge does not cut it. The Dems in the senate should form a wall against the appointment of political hacks in sensitive positions and Chief Justice is the most sensitive as they set the Supreme Court agenda.

    Kossacks need to let the Senate Dems know that we are watching them and the time has now come to put up a fight on all future Rove appointments of political hacks.

    •  As opposed to Earl Warren (none)
      with NO experience.  But why, he was the greatest Chief Justice ever.  Gee, come to think of it Chief Justice Marshall had no exprience.  Justice Souter had all of 2 months on the federal bench and a couple of years on the all-powerful and important New Hampshire Supreme Court.  Justice Douglas' big qualification to be the longest serving justice ever?!  Why, he was FDR's poker buddy.  Chief Justice Taney?  Andrew Jackson's big pal and former cabinet official.  (Indeed Taney was previously rejected for Secretary of Treasury, and for Associate Justice, but with teh change in teh composition of the Senate confirmed as Chief later).

      And if memory serves me right, I thought it was Dems (and Specter) who urged Bush to pick someone from the "outside of the judicial monestery."  he came as close to that as possible.

      So, spare me the indignation over Roberts' "lack of qualification."

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