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View Diary: Justice Thomas Gets One Right (130 comments)

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  •  Dems & Roberts nomination (none)
    Ah, geez. How often will we have this conversation? The Dems will exhibit their usual fearless behavior and roll over on this. Haven't they realized by now that if Bush were caught "in flagrenti delecto" with an intern that the Repugs would say it's Clinton's fault?

    What more do you want? People are pissed at Bush over Katrina, half of his cabinet are facing indictments, the war in Iraq is in the toilet, but we have to be careful what we do?

    Hey, if the only choice is between going down on your knees with a bullet in the back of your head or going down fighting, you should at least go down fighting. So what's the argument for not hitting the Repugs HARD now?

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