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View Diary: Justice Thomas Gets One Right (130 comments)

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  •  I did read it (none)
    And it also offers no reason why the 2 names Must be coupled. It offers reasons why the Democrats would like them coupled.

    I really liked this section...

    "By using the coupling strategy, Democrats would be seen my main street America as facilitators, not obstructionists, by giving Roberts a fair hearing and an up or down vote, but ONLY if we know who is going to be nominated for Sandra Day O'Connor's vacancy.  It's a more-than-fair trade.  Let them tell America why it's such a bad idea."

    Roberts deserves a fair hearing and an up or down vote. That is the job of the Senate. They can try to demand concessions in order to do their job, but it ain't gonna make them look like facilitators. I'd love to see the Democrats try to overplay that hand.

    Bush says no and the Democrats proceed to not give Roberts a fair hearing. That would be amusing to observe.

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