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  •  course not (none)
    You Don't Seriously Believe That there are no qualified female candidates for the Supreme Court, do you?  

    Certainly there are qualified chick judges. I'm holding out for Ann Coulter if they can find her a nice mini-robe :)  

    But is the most qualified candidate a woman? If the answer to that question is no, then the next nominee should be a man. Simply pick the best person.

    Do you want a less qualiifed judge who has more diverse 'plumbing'?

    I don't believe in quotas, but there is something to be said for having a Supreme Court that reflects America.

    well since you have not quota, then one XX chromosome on the court is just as diverse as two.

    It is of course impossible to have 10 people that reflects America in more than one or two demographics. And of course there are ways in which we DON'T want the court to reflect America.

    We don't want murderers, pedophiles, comatose, racists, adolescents or the mentally retarded as justices.

    I would prefer that all the justices be wealthy since that would indicate some level of competence in life.  The percentage of lawyers on the court seems to be quite out of proportion to the population.

    Given the pool of people who have the educational and intellectual qualifications, it's going to be a lot of white guys.

    To answer your question on multiple vacancies, the last time two seats were open at the same time was in 1971 when Justice Black and Justice John Marshall Harlan (the younger) retired.  Their successors were Justices Powell and Rehnquist.  Their nominations were announced within days of each other.

    How about their resignations? Were they at the same time or 6 weeks apart as in this case?

    Chief Justice Burger was succeeded through the nomination of Justice Rehnquist to become Chief.  Concurrently, Antonin Scalia was nominated four days later.

    Again, not quite the same since there is only 1 new court member there. If those are all the precedents, then it seems there isn't really any long-standing custom to be followed at all.

    Having recently interviewed a number of
    candidates, it seems unlikely that President Bush really needs the time.  My view is that President Bush does not want any spillover from another nominee to Judge Roberts.  So much for those concerns about 4-4 deadlocks.

    And since O'Conner will remain on the court, there won't be any 4-4 deadlocks. Bush would be wise to not name the next choice too soon just to avoid these shenanigans and annoy all the right people.

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