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View Diary: Help Me Counter GOP's Katrina Talking Points (24 comments)

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    1.  locals asked for 400 mill, they got like 20  mill.  if the repug asks, what'd they spend that 20 mill on, you can say 20 mill worth of maintenance on a 25 mile system of levees.  it only goes so far.  if the repug says "well i don't even think that 20 mill was spent on the levees, the local gov't was just too corrupt", well that's great, you can at least point out how many billions have just been lost (poof) in iraq.

    2.  easy.  no drivers for school buses.  nothing prohibited FEMA from giving the city the drivers they needed to complete the evacuation.  

    3.  red cross isn't the issue.  FEMA is.

    4.  and  5.  i have decided upon a simple analogy.  copied and pasted from my last comment on this in another diary:

    there's a larger issue at stake here as far as gov. blanco is concerned, and to drive it home, you can use a simple analogy:  if your house is on fire, you can concede after the fact you didn't have fire alarms, or created a fire hazard by plugging 35 different appliances into one outlet.  you can concede these things.  but the one thing i believe is non-negotiable is that once the fire has started, it is our right as citizens of cities, towns, and this nation to call a fire department and expect them to come put out the fire WITHOUT asking those questions first.

    so if your two kids died in the fire on the second floor, then i believe some of this tragic responsibility falls to the homeowner.... BUT ONLY IF AND ONLY IF the fire department responds appropriately.

    IF the fire department shows up and starts .. first thing..  asking you questions about wether or not you have smoke detectors or wether or not you're willing to sign over the deed to your house!! BEFORE putting out the fire, then i absolve the most ignorant of homeowners of any responsibility.  in this case, a bizarre case, but clearly analogous to NO, the fire dept/FEMA is to blame and SHOULD be held responsible for ANY deaths at all caused BY THEIR DELAY!!!!!

    ask your republican friend how they'd feel if their house was on fire, and they called the fire department and the first thing they did when they arrived is ask you if you really want your fire put out, and then ask you if you relinquish all rights of ownership to anything salvageable within your house prior to them putting out the fire???

    ask them that question.  verbatim.

    "It behooves us therefore to see each thing directly as it is, be it the sound of a tin whistle or the elegant Lepiota Procera." -- John Cage

    by BiminiCat on Mon Sep 12, 2005 at 09:27:43 AM PDT

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