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    I would certainly agree with most of what you have to say. The point I was trying to make, apparently badly, is that in my experience, I've seen too many people substitute a belief in their personal skills and willpower for forethought and planning. People who have used `if I was in that situation, I would never, never let myself fail', as a substitute for making wise choices ahead of time. Like guys in the climbing community who don't use a Prusik knot at all because they genuinely believe themselves skilled and prepared enough not to need it. People who won't wear lifejackets because they just know that if the boat capsized they would make it to shore, cause they're strong and would never, ever quit trying. (When asked how they would accomplish this if they were knocked unconscious you then get into the , hey, how likely is that sort of thing conversation.)

    I understand your perspective. There are defiantly situations in which hesitation kills. But what I don't agree with was summed up nicely by your comment "And it kills quicker than making the wrong decision, which can always be modified by the pro-active person." This myth of the pro-active all powerful person. Wrong decisions cannot always be modified.  

    From my past experience in water safety and search and rescue, it wasn't the `most determined' that survived the unexpected, it was the most prepared. And often, the people who believed themselves in advance to be the `most determined' used that as an excuse for sloppy safety habits. The combination of the two, prepared and determined, is fantastic. I was simply trying to say not to let the last overshadow the first. And not to hold determination up as the defining characteristic of the survivors. I think it's overly simplistic, because would also be the defining characteristic of the vast majority of the dead.

    You say `he who hesitates is lost'. I'm just saying, if it were that simple we wouldn't also say `look before you leap'.  

    The opposite of war is not peace, it's creation --Jonathan Larson

    by MaggieEh on Tue Sep 13, 2005 at 06:46:20 PM PDT

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