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View Diary: The failure of N.O. is not Bush's failure (149 comments)

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  •  my bad (4.00)
    Grasping at straws for the right phrase there.  However, there IS something that sticks in my craw about the whole George Lakoff ball-washing that goes on here.  I think the Lakoff really misses the forest for the trees to some degree.  He's a linguist, so of course he sees the big issue as being one of messaging, of language, of communicating.  And I respect him for trying and fighting the good fight.

    On the other hand, I think he falls short a bit in the way academics often fall short - insulated a bit as they are from the ground.  Its the perils of the profession I suppose.  I respect intellectuals and intellectualism.  However, we must be wary of that fine line that seperates intellectualism from pointy-headedness.

    PolisPundit - An Agenda for a New Liberalism

    by goblue72 on Mon Sep 12, 2005 at 06:37:45 PM PDT

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    •  I agree with you there, blue (none)
      and would have recommended this diary if the recommend button were still there!
    •  We need to make the message intelligable (4.00)
      to the masses. That does not mean dumbing down. It does not mean anti-intellectualism. It means packaging the message the right way so that middle class, 2-job-working, NASCAR America begins to defend their Constitutional rights against the predations of the neo-cons.

      Which brings me to a tough question. Who do we smear? Seriously.

      Smearing "liberals" has worked great for the neo-cons. At my last Air Force Base (1994) there were lots of bumber stickers like "Rush is right!" and "Liberalism is a social disease." There were no countervailing bumberstickers.

      But we don't have a convenient label. We can't smear "conservatives" because true conservatives aren't that bad. We can't smear "neo-cons" 'cause NASCAR America doesn't know what that means. We could smear "Republicans" but I'm very hesitant to do that. Currently the Republican party is the most corrupt and anti-Constitution party in U.S. history. But it wasn't always so and I don't really want to live in a one party state the way ditto-heads do.

      So we don't have a convenient label. If there was one it would point directly at:

      Bush 41
      Bush 43
      and their anti-Constitution ilk.

      Wasn't a court precedent just set allowing American Citizens to be held as "enemy non-combatants?" That means detention without trial --  a violation of the Constitution and a threat to democracy.

      Maybe we need to smear everyone who doesn't support basic human rights and Constitutional principles.

      •  Glad you brought this up (none)
        because this is something I have struggled with as well. It seems there is never a convenient, negative descriptor for all these scumbags - perhaps because they come in several guises.

        Religious extremists or American Taliban are one segment - the Norquist cabal of anti-tax freaks is another - and the Neo-Cons with their 'forced spread of democracy' are yet another. There may be other sub-groups among the conservatives. Most people don't understand these philosophies, much less realize how dangerous they are. And worse yet, they don't know how many of their adherents have already infiltrated into the highest levels of our government.

        How do you warn the public of a monster they don't even know exists?

        A secondary difficulty we face as progressives is that the shit this admin. is doing on a daily basis is so outrageous, it is easily dismissed as fiction by the general public.

        To try to tell people that 'Dominionists want to replace the Constitution with Biblical law' sounds so crazy that your audience will scarce believe you. Ditto with trying to convince people that Bushco started a war based on a lie - that they knew in advance Iraq had no WMDs. That's a big leap for many Americans who want to think their government is decent.

        I have begun to see why Goebbels said 'the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.'
        I admit don't know how to counter this, but it must be done.

        Save the animals still trapped by Katrina at

        by epluribus on Tue Sep 13, 2005 at 08:42:29 AM PDT

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