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View Diary: The failure of N.O. is not Bush's failure (149 comments)

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  •  it is important (none)
    clean environment, universal health care, job opportunity and upward mobility, decent education for all our kids and truly affordable college, stewardship of our natural resources, developing non-oil based energy sources, and building truly international cooperation to put an end to terrorism.

    Those are not core values, ask anybody what their values are and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who says non-oil based energy sources. Those are part of the platform, a very different animal all together.  What did Republican stand for, or what were their core values? Strength, self-reliance, morality, discipline, none of which have anything to do with reality, but the perception of the brand that embodied those values was powerful, still is.

    •  pshah (none)
      Cutting taxes.
      Shrinking government/de-regulation.
      Law and order.

      I would put those as GOP core values.

      PolisPundit - An Agenda for a New Liberalism

      by goblue72 on Mon Sep 12, 2005 at 07:02:58 PM PDT

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      •  still not quite getting through (none)
        Those are not core values, they are part of the platform.  Big difference.


        • cutting taxes
        • shrinking government
        • pro business

        Discipline / Morality
        • law and order
        • anti-abortion
        •  you are getting through (none)
          You are arguing semantics and image.  I'm arguing substance.

          PolisPundit - An Agenda for a New Liberalism

          by goblue72 on Mon Sep 12, 2005 at 07:24:26 PM PDT

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          •  actually i read the entire thread (none)
            from a third persons perspective they are telling you what are the values that underpin the issues that you believe in. in other words, they are asking you to figure out why you believe a woman has a right to choose beyond repeating the circular argument- that a woman has the right to choose. you must have some basic principles by which you live your life- what are they? and they aren't a recitation of a list of positions on issues. it's like how you look at friendships- do you have a long list of qualities that you look for- or is it more likely that you have a set of values that you try to see if you have in common with others? This person is asking you to do some hard work that a lot of Democrats aren't willing to do. It only seems like semantics if you haven't thought about the reasons why you believe in what you believe. I can tell you that my believe in true equality explains a lot of my views on individual civil rights issues regardless of the group. By understanding that, I can figure out in complicated situation where my moral barometer is and I am not so swayed by whatever fancy wind comes.
            •  thank you (none)
              This is substance, not semantic, message or marketing.  It is the sum of who we are, what we believe, the qualities we share. It is what inspires us and makes us care.

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