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View Diary: The failure of N.O. is not Bush's failure (149 comments)

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  •  Sorry, we're still a patriarchal society (none)
    Got a worldview you want to do battle with? Take it, kill it, cut off it's head and place it on a well positioned pike. Bush is the dragon's head. Whatever happened to the highly vaunted (around here) "strict father" model? How can you vanquish the "strict father model" and leave the strict father to fight another day?

    Were you not around in 1972? Why do you think the Dems did so well back then? They acquitted themselves well in the hearings, yes, but mostly people HATED NIXON! After Nixon, Republicans couldn't get a table away from the men's room, on the rare occasions when they dared to eat out. They became persona non-grata. That's why they made such a big deal about Reagan. Because Nixon HUMILIATED them. Which is the only feeling conservatives respect. Humiliation. Rumsfeld STILL hasn't got over Nixon getting scorched. Nor has Cheney.

    This is why they must be dragged out into the town square and flayed alive, for all to see. Bring the young ones. We're gonna make some examples.

    Taking down the most dangerous President in modern times is not chasing a boogeyman, no matter how unlikely it may be to actually acheive it. Eventually we will have to go before voters and say "this is where we stand, we're not with the loony incompetents." We need to thrash Bush in the court of public opinion so thoroughly, no one will want to base their campaign on the promise of tax cuts for the next 50 years. Together we can slay the beast.

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