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View Diary: The failure of N.O. is not Bush's failure (149 comments)

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  •  Yes, but. . . (4.00)
    Even those with SUV's were relying on government to tell them that - yes, they needed to evacuate. They needed those government weather bureaus, using government-sponsored science, to warn them.

    And I'd bet most of those with SUV's and credit cards went away blithely, without picking up any of their poorer neighbors on the way out of town because that's the government's job, not theirs!

    They can't have it both ways. Either it's up to everyone to not only own a car and have cash, but pay for their own roads and weather bureaus, and devil take the hindmost, or the government has a role (and in disasters, a big role), and somebody's got to pay for it, year in and year out. And that somebody? Clue: poor folks don't have money.

    Meileann muilte Dé go mall, ach meileann siad go mín = God's mills grind slowly, but they grind finely. (i.e. Justice is sure.)

    by Robespierrette on Mon Sep 12, 2005 at 09:40:41 PM PDT

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