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  •  Back in the old days, kid, there (4.00)
    used to be this thing called 'integrity.' Oh, I know you whippersnappers laugh at the idea nowadays, when you're not egging my house, what with the Bush administration's constant, blatant lying and spinning, and the media's fascination with 'Shape of the Earth: Views Differ' truth claims instead of truth. Really. Honest. Hey, stop laughing! And sit up straight, dammit.

    Let there be sharks - TracieLynn

    by GussieFN on Tue Sep 13, 2005 at 07:50:35 AM PDT

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    •  Sadly, I must differ. (4.00)
      Back in the old days there was this thing called "pretending people had integrity." It was bad manners to call someone a liar.

      From what I know of history, there has always been blatant lying and spinning. The difference now is that we have the ability to record and replay history with audio and video, and to hold our elected leaders at least partly accountable to the facts.

      The neocons will not give us our country back. If we want it back, we'll have to take it.
      --Lila Garrett

      by peacemonger on Tue Sep 13, 2005 at 08:54:15 AM PDT

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