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    Armando, this is really good stuff.  I have no legal training, so reading your stuff has been enlightening.

    Let me ask you a question that has been troubling me.  Suppose Roberts is just another Bush, meaning he'll lie as much as necessary to get the vote.  What then?  Dems don't have the power to block his nomination.  And if he lies, we don't have the credibility to challenge him publicly.  I guess my question is really, what about after the now seemingly inevitable confirmation?  How can one hold Roberts to anything he said after he's robed, re-robed, cloaked, inducted, etc.?

    By the way, Federalist X asked me to come and post now that he's gone.  We'll be seeing more of each other in the future I hope.  Too bad he's not around to offer his legal perspective, we both were looking forward to a discussion on your 'living Constitution' series.

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