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  •  In a word, yes. (none)
    Yes, I believe he would (as you put it) risk future credibility, because the senate gives members and justices and folks like this a LOT of leeway historically in the "credibility" department.  He knows that.

    Yes, I believe that he knows they would save any filibuster for something really big... whatever that might be.  They have always, until now, in the last few years, negotiated through any filibuster threat and worked with republicans.  I truly do not believe that there are any teeth whatsoever in any potential democratic filibuster at this point, Harry Reid's persistence and feistiness notwithstanding.

    For the same reasons I believe that the "nuclear option" would not be invoked in this case.

    I do still assume an outright lie.  The Republicans have redefined "integrity" and "honesty" in the last decade.  Actually, since 1996, they have perverted the meanings of those things for the sake of political expediency-- consistently, steadily, and without impunity.  They have done so for the sake of power-- gain of, and retention of, political and financial power.  Thus I no longer think any conservative Republican incapable of an outright lie under oath.

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