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  •  Surprising... (none)
    It is surprising that a "French" documentary movie (Luc Jacquet) becomes a model for those who were so eager in french bashing !!!

    The filming team went there (and nearly died in a blizzard) without waiting for the financing part of the production... The producer spent several months in a  phone frenzy to find someone who would finance... ("What ?... A documentary... On Penguins?" sound of the receiver slammed down!)

    But then, maybe some "people" could get a learning from this... Like jumping immediately to NO, without even thinking about red tape and bureaucracy, to save lives... And find money and authorizations later...!
    That could also be called an "intelligent design plan for modern human welfare"...

    My two cents...

    "What can I do, what can I write, Against the fall of Night." A.E. Housman

    •  I was just coming (none)
      to say that.

      It's a French movie--the Conservatives, once they figure that out, will belittle the penguins and their dedication to their offspring as being effeminate, cheese-eating surrender penguins.  They're so "old Antarctica."

      Clearly, these French penguins hate America, hate our freedoms, indulge in sin, and lack the basic intelligence to live someplace warm and vote Republican.  

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