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  •  No freaking kidding... (none)
    ...obviously they didn't pay attention to that part. It's monogamous for one mating season, not for life, idiots!

    Not to mention, how is this ID?  I think it's a perfect example of Darwinian evolution at its best.  As the movie explains, Antarctica used to be part of a tropical supercontinent until it split off and headed south.  Thus, the ancestors of the penguin were effectively trapped there and had to adapt to their cold, harsh climate (i.e. losing ability to fly, learning to swim, feathers that trap air to keep them warm, etc., etc.).  That's why you don't see penguins anywhere else but in the extreme southern hemisphere.

    Not to mention that even their mating scheme is very "survival of the fittest."  Clearly some chicks make it and a bunch don't , whether due to the fitness of their parents or their own fitness.  And each mating pair only produces 1 offspring due to the enormous energetic investment required, the remoteness of the breeding ground, and the harsh climate.  It's a struggle for survival there.

    If anything, MotP teaches us liberal values like the importance of community, equal rights for genders (notice the father devotes just as much time to caring for the offspring as the mother), and the concept that it is in the best interest of the species that all are responsible for the well being of each other.  If the male penguins didn't huddle together during the Antarctic winter, they would surely die.  And they "understand" that each penguin must have his turn at the center to promote maximum warmth for all, otherwise most penguins would die of exposure.

    Can you imagine the "compassionate" conservative model of this?  Clearly the rich would buy their way into the middle of the huddle and refuse access to those less fortunate , as that's the "free market" way.  Katrina is a perfect example of that.  OF course the irony of all this would be that only the rich would survive initially, as the poor on the outskirts would die in droves.  But then, there wouldn't be a critical mass to provide warmth in the huddle, and the rich would eventually perish as well.  Pretty short-sighted if you ask me.  Kind of reminds me of where we are today.

    People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

    by viget on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 08:32:56 AM PDT

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