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    There are not dead babies all over the place, but the facts of what they go thru are not brushed over, and part of the miracle of their lives and their struggle and their "march" is that out of many born, some do not make it.

    It is still a beautiful film. I cried too....but I also was moved to happy tears with the scenes of the obvious love between parent and child and tender gestures of affection between mates. Even between friends!

    It is typical of the right to pick and choose what they wish to see. They forget "turn the other cheek and love thine enemy" from Jesus's teachings and choose to push "an eye for an eye". That is what they do. So I suppose it should be no surprise that they would choose to see the sanctity of life here in the movie (which there is) but not to see that the film also points out that global warming is destroying the habitat for these beautiful beings. They also don't notice that it suggests that animals do (as few could argue) possess emotion and similar feelings as we do. The worst part of the film actually showed the grieving mother trying desperately to rouse her dead baby....her grief and her obvious pain is NOT from an animal that is incapable of feeling emotion similar to ours. We would recognize that behaviour in a human animal. The right likes to forget that little fact so that they can continue factory farming and their other "culture of life" practices.
    But I digress....the movie is beautiful, sad, amazing and inspiring. I would recommend it highly - but yes, bring kleenex! :)

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