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  •  You'll need a really big truck (none)
    When I was in school we built methane powered cars, the energy density of the fuel was so lame we built 5000psi carbon fiber tanks (my job) which filled the back seat and trunk and still only got about 120 miles out of a fill.  GM has a gas electric hybrid full size pickup on the market now, as soon as the diesel engine teams get off the 07 particulate requirements (50% reduction and low sulphur fuel switch), there talk of Diesel/electric hybrids.  Currently they are doing long term reliability testing on various grades of bio diesel.  The trucks'll run on bio diesel they just won't sell that feature until they have enough data to cover their butts.
    •  Biodiesel is commercially available now... (4.00)
      why wait?  Yes, it is not available everywhere, but it is growing as demand grows.  Go to the National Biodiesel Boards website and check out availability in your area.  I am switching my diesel (f-250) over to it as soon as we get a station closer than Lancaster County is to Bawlmer.

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      by chillindame on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 02:00:14 PM PDT

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      •  See if you can get it delivered (none)
        We have a supplier about 75 miles away to come fill a 250 Gal tank.  $3.15 delivered with taxes.  
      •  Bio Willie! (none)
        Yeah, I can get biodiesel right now, but I don't have a diesel vehicle.  If I did, I'd get that kit to convert your diesel car to burn biodiesel fuels - it basically primes your car with a little petroleum diesel fuel, then starts pulling fuel from your biodiesel source, like vegetable oil, corn whiskey, etc.  You can also find sources online to convert things like vegetable oil to biodiesel fuel.  Of course, diesel vehicles will burn vegetable oil, but there's a process to make the oil more combustible.

        What I want is a biodiesel electric, because even biodiesel fuel at this point is too cost-prohibitive.  With a small amount of biodiesel fueling the electric generator, I would be getting the most from my energy.  I've thought about just buying a diesel vehicle, but I wouldn't save much money right now.

        Willie Nelson is investing heavily in biodiesel right now, and he's trying to get the truck stops to buy his huge tanks.  Each tank has a pump out front with Willie's picture on it.  

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        by Jensequitur on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 04:25:27 PM PDT

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    •  I have been bothered by how Cal (none)
      uses is NOX standard, as it seems to take no account of miles driven per gallon.

      I ran into this here in Maine as we have adopted the Cal standard so that our state can then also adopt the CO2 standard coming soon. This means that cars like the tdi VW cannot be sold new here - as they do not meet the standard.

      If a car gets 50 mpg, then that means for evry gallon it can go twice as far as a car getting 25 mpg. Simply by switching to a 50 mpg diesel means reducing fuel consumption by half - and this is not accounted for in the Cal standard (as I understand it).

      The goal is to reduce emissions. But banning for sale vehicles with double the efficiency seem a little shortsighted.

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