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    I guess my feelings about it are:

    a)  we will get more good work done on energy policy by getting the Neocon Republicans out of office in 2006/8, than by bitching at them about it now.

    b)  Democrats could certainly employ better rhetoric about energy policy, and use energy policy against the Republican Nemesis.

    c)  On a personal level I do as much to reduce my energy footprint as it is possible for me to do in the kind of city I live in.  I bought a small house in an older inner suburban neighborhood; I'm getting all my old windows replaced with energy efficient windows, and will make other energy-efficient changes as I can afford them.   My house is a bikeable distance from downtown and shopping and about 8 miles to work.  If I had to (extended fuel shortage) I could figure out the back roads and bike it daily.  My neighborhood will have a streetcar linked up to the city's planned light rail system within the next few years.  My current car is compact; my next car when it becomes cost-effective to replace will be a hybrid.  I buy fruit and vegetables from the local farmers' market and use minimal packaged food.  I try to shop adjacent to work or home and minimize unnecessary trips to the farflung burbs.

    So what I'm saying is, we do care.  Even the city I live in seems to care.  They can't pony up and complete a massive public works project all at once, but they're planning for increased ridership and growth of the area.  I may even vote for our current "business-friendly" GOP mayor, because he's got a mass transit plan and he seems to be using it.

    What else would we have to do to show we care?

    We're paralyzed...from the Oval Office on down.

    by kismet on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 02:01:21 PM PDT

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