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  •  I love the train!! (none)
    After commuting for decades by car, having gotten the opportunity to work in the city meant commuting in by train.  At first I was griping at being a slave to train schedules, but then of course loved the freedom of NOT having to drive and being able to - gasp - read again!

    But honestly - it was much more expensive to travel in by train than to drive when I first started to train commute - and now with gas prices shooting up, it may be more equal.  But they're talking about hiking fares up AGAIN.  In the 16 years I've been commuting in, I'm now paying $1500 USD a year more than when I started.

    But money is NOT spent on improving trains or mass transit.  Whether it's at the local, state or federal level.  And of course Amtrak here in the states are going down the tubes.

    A friend in Poland told me to stop griping about US gas prices long ago.

    Train travel in Europe used to be a whole lot cheaper than it is now, though.  When did that happen?!

    •  It's all a question... (none)
      ..of how much subsidy is provided by the government.  Transit is still considerably cheaper than driving, both in the US and in Europe.

      There are lots of arguments among policy wonks about whether or not investment in transit, particularly rail transit, is cost-effective.  The trend is now more toward Curitiba-style rapid-bus systems that require less capital investment but are more flexible than rail systems.

      •  As far as I'm concerned... (none)
        not contributing to more pollution to make acid rain has got to be more beneficial overall.

        But then again - in the US - it's the country that only wants to live for the day and screw those who inherit it in the future.

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