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    I think a big reason the politicians haven't tackled this is due to the cost and sacrifice that will be passed on to their constituents.  Nobody wants to tell their voters "Hey, time to pony up a bunch of your hard-earned money to prevent something that's going to happen some time down the road that most of you don't know anything about."  

    Another stumbling block is getting the energy message to the public and to have them "hear" it.  Now whether the "realization" of that message will be slow and gentle or fast and rude is going to depend on when and how the public is brought into awareness. I'm hoping that when we take the House back in 2006 we will have elected Dems who will start the ball rolling on this.  

    And please don't take my non-posting to other energy diaries as a sign of non-interest.  I've recommended every one I've read and drop the words "Peak Oil" and explanation everywhere I go.  As a real estate broker, I get to inform my clients (show off my knowledge!) as to possible future costs of their commute, energy efficient products they could have in their home, etc.  So I thank you for making me look good!

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    by Pandora on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 03:00:21 PM PDT

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