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View Diary: Whiny Frog or Boiling Frog - Why don't you care about energy? (406 comments)

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  •  The biggest problem (IMHO) is (none)
    that people like to talk about the latest news - the latest crisis - and energy has not reached that crisis level yet.  Of course it will in the future; when people are dying because of a major blackout, or we have to go to gas rationing, everyone will be outraged and screaming (mostly at the politicians) "Why wasn't something done back then?? You knew this was going to happen!". (Of course those culpable will probably be gone, leaving someone else to clean up the mess).  

    Thanks for bringing it up, Jerome.  It's really only one of many major problems looming on the horizon that we should also be discussing - global warming, SDI (Star Wars), the deficit, world poverty, etc. etc.  

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