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  •  Anybody read "The Long Emergency" (none)
    by James Howard Kuntsler (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005)?
    Another ignored hero.
    Kuntsler summerizes the current energy/population/environment situation and comes to the conclusion that we're probably fucked as far as maintaining our modern industrial society. Energy Alternatives? Sorry, too little too late. Maybe by the end of the decade, late 2020s at most, it's all over.
    Not completely convincing, but pretty convincing. He is not hopeless, however, and feels that some kind of civilization will probably survive. Very entertaining, & scary.
    I bought 10 copies, and am about to buy 10 more for distribution to my friends, media, and local pols.

    PS, if you live in the Southwest, you're REALLY fucked.
    France, he says, is in pretty good shape, though.
    pps. Kuntsler's blog is "Clusterfucknation".
    Did I say he is darkly humorous?

    Book of the Millenium,IMHO.

    "Go in peace, errant sisters." -Horace Greeley, April, 1861

    by faithnomore on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 06:07:11 PM PDT

    •  Yes, that's a good book (4.00)
      I've also read "Resource Wars", "The Party's Over", "Powerdown", "Petrodollar Warfare", "America the Broke", "Demise of the Dollar", and "Crossing the Rubicon".

      I think it's time for me to go back to reading romance novels...

      Seriously though, I'm the opposite of the kind of person Jerome is trying to wake up with this diary.  I've almost given up on politics (since last November).  I don't have faith that the system really works anymore.  I'm just following energy and economic issues now and trying to make sure I'm prepared for rough times ahead.

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