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  •  Is John Conyers paying attention? (4.00)
    The environmental crisis and Bush crisis are almost one in the same.  At the exact moment in history that we reach a turning point on energy and global warming we get saddled the worst president on environmental policy in history.  Getting rid of Bush and the repugs will go a long way towards at least addressing the looming crisis.

    This could be the issue that the dems could take hold of that would trump religion, family values, gay marriage- all those non issues that the repugs use to get the base stirred up.  It will work because the energy crisis will affect everyone's wallet no matter what party they normally vote for.  And global warming will threaten the lives of all they know and love no matter what god they believe in.

    A small example.  Had dinner with my boss the other day.  He's an arch republican, Bush supporter who has ridiculed me for years for being a "tree hugger".  Over dinner the only thing he could talk about was oil prices and how it is going to affect absolutely everything.  For a smart guy he's pretty fucking stupid to just now put two and two together, but he's on the way.  It'll take him some more personal pain to realize that maybe there is something to conservation and all the things environmentalists have been saying all these years, but common sense comes to most people once it's a matter of putting food on the table rather than just how big their next car is going to be.

    So Jerome's diaries are very important and smart dems like John Conyers who like to visit this site should take notice.  When the conservatives in this country wake up one morning and realize that the energy crisis/global warming is not just something that future generations will have to deal with but a burden that they themselves saddled their own children with they will have a hard time looking at themselves in the mirror.  Will the Democratic leadership be ready take their hands and show them the (real) light?

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