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  •  Absolutely (none)
    I for one greatly appreciate your diaries, Jerome, and share your frustration. I think some people avoid the topic simply because of how depressing it is. Frankly speaking, we are headed towards a catastrophic energy crisis, one that could lead to massive social upheaval and the deaths of millions due to a lack of food. That may be too difficult for some people, even fellow liberal bloggers, to deal with...much easier to talk about the latest political controversy, I suppose.

    But in my mind there is no larger problem than the end of the cheap oil era. Nothing else will have the same impact on our lives. We all need to get serious about the changes necessary to survive, both on a personal level and a social level.

    Above all, we cannot afford to delude ourselves into thinking that small measures will be enough to avoid a crisis. Recycling ain't gonna cut it, nor will simply buying a hybrid (I drive a Prius, for what it's worth) be enough, though it can buy us time. We must begin the difficult task of drastically redesigning our cities, embracing the principles of the new urbanism to end our car-based way of life. We must also immediately change how we grow food, as our current system is heavily reliant on fossil fuels and thus unsustainable.

    But above all we here at dKos need to start taking this issue seriously. We need to take advantage of the current situation, where Bush is at an all time low and gas prices are seen as incredibly high (though I agree with Jerome that they will escalate quickly, making today's prices seem cheap). If surviving in the future is not enough motivation, political points should be enough.

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    by byoungbl on Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 08:46:33 PM PDT

    •  I think you hit it on the head (none)
      Everyone has some limit as to how much 'doom' they can handle, and I think diaries on energy, the environment, 9/11, and other topics can suffer from the natural 'enough!' that allows us to get out of bed each morning and soldier on.

      I often find myself switching the topic from Peak Oil or government evil, when the listeners are getting nervous. But I don't think this stuff is being ignored, just reaching a tolerance level.

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