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View Diary: Whiny Frog or Boiling Frog - Why don't you care about energy? (406 comments)

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  •  "Stupid" the wrong word (none)
    "Ignorant" is a better word.  But I don't think insulting people is the best way to persude them.

    There is no reason to believe that Americans are genetically inferior to Europeans or Asians. So something else must be the cause.  I think it lies in the information the people receive.

    Advertising, media, everything in America screams at us to consume things now.  Good solid information on the costs and consequences are not easy to come by.

    Education and information are what are required.  Abuse doesn't really help.

    •  I think people are generally pretty rational... (none)
      They're responding to the price signals they get, just the way economists say they should.  Europeans, despite the high price of gasoline, have been moving to the suburbs and buying cars for years.  You don't see them, because when you go visit Paris you stay inside the old city.  They trade off the price of gasoline with other quality of life factors (as they perceive them).  In the U.S., they opt for better schools, less crime, more parks, less crowds, yadda yadda, and they're willing to pay the commute costs, up to a certain point.  Then they start buying more fuel efficient cars, and at some point, their employers start moving out to the suburbs too.

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