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View Diary: Whiny Frog or Boiling Frog - Why don't you care about energy? (406 comments)

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  •  Obstacles to increasing nuclear power in US... (none)
    ...are entirely political.  From a technical point of view, it all can be done cleanly and safely, from mining, refining, plant operation, and dry-cask or deep-geological waste disposal.

    It's a curious thing that it's OK with people if there are 32,000 premature deaths in the US every year as a result of coal combustion (and this does not include mercury poisoning and effects of greenhouse gases and global warming) but those same people are worried about whether some race of beings 100,000 or 1 million years from now will dig deep into a mountain or half a mile down under a desert floor and get exposed to a few millirems not much higher in number than natural background radiation.

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